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There are not exact dates about the construction of the building where Fattoria del Piccione is situated. However, a letter from the mid 18th century tells of a quarrel, between the local priest and the Massani Family, about the procession path blocked by this new building. It is in the first half of the 18th century, against the old San Savino Malatesta castle walls, that the Massani Family started the wine production in this winery, a winery where you have been feeling the same passion and smelling the same fragrances for more than three centuries.

After the marriage between two of the most important Rimini families the property of the winery went to the illustrious Spina Counts. It was during the '80s that Vitaliano Pasini, for many years the personal bailiff and right-hand man of Spina Count, took over the winery and turned it into Fattoria del Piccione. Today the Fattoria del Picione, now led by Vitaliano's son Stefano, is a farm that produces only hand-crafted high quality wines. Our wines are the result of a harmonious combination between tradition, respected in every single detail, and innovation, always in search of the absolute excellence.