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Situated in a strategic point in the heart of Valconca, on the top of the first Rimini hills where the sea breeze of Adriatic Sea is usually blowing, the Fattoria del Piccione is a farm that produce high quality wine mainly vinifying selected grapes coming from its own vineyards, controlled and followed applying the modern techniques respecting human and environmental health. Thanks to its peculiar position and to the influence of sea breeze, the wines of Fattoria del Piccione are today appreciated and esteemed among the best wines of Romagna. The products of Fattoria del Piccione born from an ancient tradition passing on from generation to generation. This tradition renews and revives every year starting from the harvest time in the wonderful vineyards that dress San Clemente hill. Gino and Nicola follow out the vineyards with lovely care in every single stage, and row by row, vine by vine they make sure that everything is in perfect harmony. In September, after the harvest, the grapes are immediately conducted to the winery where Stefano, helped by Cristian, takes care of them personally from the beginning. Only after some months of meticulous preparation, obsessive controls and a refinement period the wines of Fattoria del Piccione are ready to be tasted and appreciated in every single nuance.