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The Conca valley or Valconca is an unusual valley that is both gentle and wild at the same time, where its distinguishing feature is a harmony between the activity of mankind and the working of nature; a harmony still tangible in the combination of historic settlements, agriculture, and wild natural areas. The Conca valley is a region of beautiful hills reaching out towards the Apennines, always gentle, never harsh, where fields of corn alternate with vineyards and olive groves, occasional chestnut woods, and oak woods on the edges of meadows used for pastureland. The hills are often crowned with villages, stretched out along narrow ridges or perched on the top of jutting peaks. Visitors to the valley are often pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the countryside and by the views, where the sea is never out of sight and the hills and distant mountains are a constant backdrop. Fortresses and fortified villages are scattered throughout the region, guarding the perilous borders with the Duchy of Urbino, which made both its military might and its artistic and cultural influence felt in the surrounding territory. In these fortresses the Malatesta lords resided for much of the year; important meetings took place here, deciding the destiny of the Seignory. In short, the Conca valley is a place filled with interesting towns and villages to explore, but it is above all landscape: beautiful scenery to admire and to enjoy.